Stop Motion- Car Chase

In the beginning the project was really fun, taking pictures and creating a story. The work wasn’t really hard, it was simple but the project felt rushed. I feel as though if i had had more time I could’ve improved it. This being the last project, it was a nice ending to the course letting us combine everything we’ve learned over the course of the year. The hardest part was extending the scenes in premiere in order to make it longer without having the option to change fps.

Draw My Story

The project was pretty fun, it was the first time I had to syncronize audio and video. I disliked the audio part the most because there were a lot of slurs which I couldn’t redo. I liked that we could chose our own topic whether it be a song, book, movie, etc. Using premiere was really helpful because it made syncing and cropping the video really easy. Most steps were pretty quick besides the actual drawings which i had to redo several times.

Manifest Pestiny

This project was a lot more enjoyable than the previous ones since we were able to work with other people. Also, it was an educational experience as we were able to record dialogue. Then we were able to create scenes for the dialogue and perfectly sync them together. It was tedious going back and making changes to the animation, like the mouth movement for the characters to fit the script. Overall, the project was amusing and provided a sense of accomplishment at the end. Though the best part was definitely creating the story and using our creativity freely.

The Falling Leaf

The Falling Leaf was a simple assignment; which i struggled with in the beginning for a bit. I attempted to use motion tweening but later found to do each frame manually easier. The falling leaf itself was the easiest part of the project, it took longer creating a background and adding music. My favorite part of the project was curving the leafs movements as it glided down, and admiring the natural look it had. In Conclusion, the project enabled me to adding a natural look to my projects rather than a computerized feeling.

The Brick Drop

┬áThe 2 perspective incorporation into the project was interesting because i hadn’t done multi-perspectical drawings before. Also the animation was really short and easy to make with the use of tweening. The sound was average because i couldn’t find perfectly corresponding sounds to fit the animation. The project overall felt rush towards the end which made me feel as there is room for improvement. The project wasn’t focusing on many new ideas which made it simple just feeding off of old lessons.

Model Sheet

Untitled-1┬áThe assignment was fairly simple and easy, especially with my character. The most difficult part of the assignment was creating action poses for the character as it didn’t have many features for me to change or move such as hands or legs. Looking back at the assignment, I now have a bette understanding of viewing a character from different angles. What stood out the most from the project was that I learned the character’s size is measured by its head to keep consistency, which struck me as odd. In conclusion, the model sheet was the easiest assignment compared to the previous ones, but that may be because it had no motion and was focused on just one frame.

The Incomplete and Tragic Journey

The creation of the movie was pretty stressful, especially since I felt I lacked artistic skills. Generating the story was easy and fun since we could talk to others for suggestions. I felt partially rushed, but mostly because I failed to manage my time properly. Looking at the final result, there is a sense of accomplishment in finishing my first movie, but at the same time there are many things I want to change to improve it now that I have seen other examples. In conclusion, the assignment was useful since it provided a better understanding for me of creating motion and separating layers of background.